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At Parallel, you can assign different roles to each organization member based on the permissions and features they need.


The user with this role has the same permissions as the administrators, but no administrator can delete or change her role.


The administrators have all the permissions of the members at Parallel, and additionally, they can:

  • Modify the organization's information (logo and tone of the messages).

  • Invite new users to the organization and assign them a role.

  • Create groups within the organization.

  • Check the number of users and parallels available within the subscription plan.

  • Set up integrations.


Members can access all Parallel's main features.


Collaborators can use any Parallel template that other users have shared with them, but they cannot create their templates.

With this role, you ensure that all the processes launched by the user are preapproved.

Note: Although they cannot create or edit their templates, they can still edit the parallels they start from a template. If you do not want them to edit the parallels created from a template, you can restrict the editing of the templates.

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