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Is the information I upload on Parallel safe?
Is the information I upload on Parallel safe?
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At Parallel we take security very seriously.

To keep your files safe, our system has multiple layers of protection and is safe from its design:

  • We save your information under lock. We encrypt your data at rest using the 256-bit standard AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard).

  • We avoid intermediary attacks so that your information is not compromised. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) layer to protect data in transit between the Parallel application in your browser and our servers.

  • We apply strong policies for all passwords. We will never store your passwords as you type them, you can only reset them by means that allow us to verify your credentials.

  • We eliminate the possibility of access to your files by brute force. We generate unique download links for each file that are deactivated after a few minutes.

  • We protect you and the people with whom you interact. We do not allow those who access an information upload page to view or download the information without identifying themselves.

In any case, because we help users to collect information, we recommend that you never upload information that allows a third party to identify themselves or access any third-party platform or service, such as login details, passwords, or similar data.

If you identify an inappropriate use of our platform for phishing purposes, please send us a message at We will investigate the situation and take the necessary actions.

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