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Parallel is a platform to manage your workflows. As such, you need to know the status of your workflows at all times.

In this article, we explain:

Status of a parallel

In the parallels page, you can check its status from these icons.



A parallel will be in this status after its creation and as long as it has not been sent yet.

Note: Remember that to complete a parallel you do not need to send it to any recipient, you can also complete it yourself from the Complete tab of the parallel.



When the parallel is Pending it means that it has been sent to a recipient or some response has been added internally but has not yet been completed.

As a general rule, a parallel in this status means that it is pending or waiting to be completed.

If you see a parallel with all the requested information completed which is still in this status, it is because the recipient has not selected the Finalize button after completing the information. In this case, you can either require the recipient to do so or you can do it yourself from the Complete tab of the parallel.

Note: If you edit a Completed or Closed parallel, for example by adding a new field, the parallel will revert to Pending status.



A parallel will only move to this status when (i) the recipient has completed all the information and has selected the Finalize button, or (ii) you have selected this button yourself from the Complete tab on the bottom right corner of the parallel.




A parallel will go to Closed status when you, as the user, click Finish parallel in the Review tab of the parallel.

Note: If after closing the request you need to make any changes from the Complete tab, e.g. you made a mistake in a name, don't worry! In order to change it, select the 3-dot menu at the top right corner of the Replies tab of the parallel and select Reopen request.

Progress of a parallel

As a complementary tool to the parallels' statuses, you will find a progress bar for each of the parallels in the Status column of the list of parallels.


This is a progress bar that goes beyond the ones you usually find.

Our progress bar shows in an easy visual way the progress of the parallel:

  • Grey: This color indicates the proportion of fields of the parallel that have not been completed.

  • Yellow: This color indicates the proportion of the fields of the parallel that have been completed by the recipient(s).

    Please note that yellow stripes indicate the parallels' optional fields that have not been completed.

  • Green: This color indicates the proportion of completed fields that have been reviewed.

If you hover the mouse indicator on the progress bar, you will get more information on the status of your parallel.

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