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When you activate the electronic signature in a Parallel, you can quickly identify the status of that signature, both in the list of requests and at the bottom of the Replies tag of each parallel.

  1. No eSignature configured: No signature process has been added yet. To add one, you can click on the button in the upper right corner or go to Settings in the Editing tab. In this article, we'll explain how to activate and configure your signature.

    In the status column of the parallels list, no eSignature icon will appear in a parallel where the eSignature has not been enabled.

  2. Not Started: This status indicates that there is an active signature process that has not yet been initiated. Depending on what we have chosen in the configuration panel, this status can be:

    • Auto-start upon completion, with or without a defined recipient. It doesn't require any action on our part, but we can cancel it at any time.

    • Manual start, once we finish reviewing the responses, we can click 'Start...' and manually select the signer to initiate the signature. You can also cancel the signature process at any time."


  3. Pending Start: This status only appears in manually initiated signatures. It occurs when the parallel is already completed and ready for review and signature initiation.

    You can distinguish it in the list of parallels as the signature icon with a purple dot.

  4. Waiting: Once the signature is sent, the status will change to waiting for the signer to complete it."


In the list of parallels, you will see a signature icon with a yellow clock to indicate that the signature process has been initiated.


5. eSignature completed: This status means that a parallel has been signed, so the eSignature process has been completed. The signed document is ready to download.


In addition, in the parallels list the signature icon will become darker in color to indicate that the document has been signed.


6. eSignature cancelled: Once a signature process has been cancelled, the status of the signature in the signature box of the parallel will appear as Cancelled and you will have to start a new process if you want to include a signature.

From the list of parallels, you can also monitor the signatures that have been canceled.


If the signature has been canceled due to an error during sending, the status will show as 'Error al enviar' (Error while sending), along with a 'More information' button that will provide details on the reason for the failed sending.

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