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To edit the branding of your organization, first select the user menu and in Organization, go to the Branding tab. Once here, you will be able to customize some aspects of your organization. These changes will take effect for all users and petitions submitted.

Change the logo of my organization

You can upload your company logo here so that it appears on all petitions and emails sent from Parallel by members of your organization.

Change the tone of the messages

Choose the tone of your Parallel's communications to your customers to match your brand image.

You can choose between two tones:

  • Informal tone: the platform messages will be written in a neutral style.

  • Formal tone: the platform messages will be written in a formal style.

Note: to change these settings you will need to have administrator permissions.

You can also customize the branding of the documents you generate with Parallel, we show you how.

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