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How to create teams in Parallel
How to create teams in Parallel

Learn how to create teams in Parallel and how to add members of your organization

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Parallel is a platform that facilitates and strengthens collaboration between the front and back-office of your organization so that you can accelerate any process.

In Parallel you can create different teams to organize this collaboration.

This way you can share different templates or parallels only with the user's teams of your organization that actually need to use them.

You can create user's teams within your Parallel organization by accessing the Organization section that you will find in the User menu (at the bottom left of your screen).

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In the organization section, select the Teams option and then the Create team button.

When the new window opens, you will have to indicate the name of the team and indicate the name of the users you want to include.

Once the team is already created, you can always add more users by clicking on the team and selecting the Add member button.

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