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Invite users to my organization
Invite users to my organization

Learn how to add new users to your organization

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Parallel is a platform that makes it easier and strengthens the collaboration between the front and back office of your organization so that the teamwork flows without needing to leave your work environment.

To collaborate with your teammates from your Parallel organization, you can create an account in the Organization section that you will find in the User menu.

In the Users tab within the Organization section you can invite new users.

In the organization section, select the Users option and then the Invite user button.

When the new window opens, introduce the personal details for the new user and her role in the organization. Once you have filled in the information, press the Invite user button.

Window to introduce the personal details of new users.

Now, your teammate will receive an invitation email to your organization with the instructions and the access details to signup on Parallel.

⚠️ Note: The Invite user button may be disabled if your plan does not allow more users in the organization. If you need to increase the limit, contact us through the support chat.

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