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Integrate Parallel with Slack via Zapier

Learn how to receive notifications within Slack from your completed Parallels

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Slack is a modern communication tool for teams, but it can also help you move faster with tools such as Parallel in one place.

With this guide, we want to help you stay on top of the processes you manage with Parallel from within Slack.

👉 Want to try the automation directly on Zapier?

  • Start integrating with our Zap template here.

  • Or visit the Zap template page to explore more possibilities.

Here's how you can use Zapier to send notifications from Parallel within Slack:

Selecting Parallel event trigger

  1. Create a new Zap.

  2. In the trigger step, select Parallel from within the apps.

  3. Choose Petition Event as the triggering event.

  4. Continue and select your account (you can associate a Parallel account using an API token if you don't have any associations yet).

    Parallel selected as the triggering step
  5. Choose the event from which you want to get updates.

  6. Select the process templates you want to get notifications from within Slack (Optional).

  7. Choose additional fields you would like to include in your notifications (Optional). For example, if you use tags that help you organize your work and want to add those details in the Slack message.

    Selected Parallel events, process template and other information that can be used for the notification
  8. Test the trigger and confirm that you have access and the correct information.

Add Slack action

  1. Add an action and select Slack.

  2. Select the Send Channel Message or Send Direct Message event accordingly.

    Send Channel Message event selected in the Slack action
  3. Continue and select your account (follow these steps if you don't have a Slack account associated with Zapier).

  4. Finish setting up the action and customize how you want your message to be delivered. Here are some tips for formatting Slack messages.

    Sales channel selected and message set up.
  5. Test the trigger and confirm that the message is delivered.

Now you can save your Zap and turn it on to start receiving notifications from Parallel within Slack!

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