Templates are the starting point of any process in Parallel.

Public templates are examples of what you can do with Parallel. But you can also create your own templates with your checklist information, to reuse them as many times as you need.

So what happens when I select the template and hit "Create petition"? ➡️ I start a petition.

The petition has the same fields and configuration as the template. It is the tool to send the information, receive or add answers, review them and follow the whole process.

What happens if I edit the petition?

Let's imagine that I have used the "Know your customer (KYC)" template and created the petition "Binford Company KYC".

Since it is a petition for Binford, the changes I make to it, will affect only the Binford KYC and, if I start another KYC with Acme Company, I will not see these changes.

If I want to change the information I ask for in all KYC, I will edit it from the "Know your customer (KYC)" template and then, when I use it, I will see those changes.

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