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Import replies from one parallel to another to prefill it
Import replies from one parallel to another to prefill it

If you want to automatically pre-fill a parallel with information that you already have in another parallel, use this feature!

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It is common that in Parallel you have (1) more than one process with the same recipient (e.g. KYC/KYB and service contract) or (2) processes that are repeated with the same customer (e.g. information checklist for annual tax filing).

To ensure that neither you nor your client have to manually enter information over and over again, you can now automatically import responses from one parallel to another.

How does it work?

1. Choose the template you want to send to your customer, supplier or employee.

2. Select Create parallel

3. Go to the More options menu (represented by the ...) on the top-right side.

4. Select Import replies

5. Choose the parallel from which you want to import your answers.

6. You will see a table like the one below where you can map the questions from the source parallel with the current parallel.

7. Click on Import and you will see how your parallel is automatically completed.

¡Magic! ✨

Import answers even faster! How?

If you already know beforehand that you will frequently import answers from one template to another template, there is a trick to map them automatically with references.

Use the same reference in the field of one template and in the field of the other template. Parallel will automatically map the fields as shown in step 6.

What about the select or multiple choice fields?

To import replies from one parallel to another in these fields, the options in both questions must be the same.

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