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Once the Admins of your organization in Parallel have created and edited the properties of the different types of profiles, it's time to start storing data!

💡 Read here how to set and edit the properties of the different types of profiles in your organization.

How to create a new profile

You can create new profiles from 2 different places, depending on what you are doing!

➤ Create a profile when reviewing a parallel

➤ Create a profile from Profiles

When reviewing a parallel, you may need to associate it to a profile.

If you haven't created the profile yet, you can create it from here!

1️⃣ Go to Associate profile from the Review tab of a parallel

1️⃣ Go to Profiles, click the Create profile button

2️⃣ Choose what type of profile you want to create and Accept

3️⃣ Choose the name of the profile and Accept

4️⃣ If you are creating the profile from the Associate profile button, click Associate

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