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Tag your parallels
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Tags are keywords within the organization that you can assign to your parallels to make it easier to find them, to classify or to assign ideas to them.

In this article we explain:

Where can you find tags?

You will find the tags in the top right corner of your list of parallels, by going to the home section in the side menu.


In the last column of the list of parallels you can find the tags assigned to your parallels. You can always add new ones.

For more information about the list of parallels see our article Find and identify your parallels.

You can also view the tags from within the parallel, in the top bar.

How to add tags to your parallels

Tags are shared at your company's level. Thus, every time you or one of your colleagues creates a tag, it will be available to the rest of the company.

You can add tags from 2 different places:

1️⃣ Find the parallel where you want to add a tag in your HOME dashboard. You can simply hover your mouse pointer over the column of tags and click Add tags.


A space will appear where you can type in the tag you want to create. Otherwise, you can select one of the already created tags that appear in the drop-down menu.


This feature also allows you to search within your organization tags if there is already a tag with the word you are looking for. Thus, you avoid duplications and make it easier to find your parallel.


In this case, if we wanted to create a label called "Inv" we would only have to click on Create and our label would be saved.

2️⃣ When you are already in a Parallel, from the REVIEW tab, you can click tags.

A window like this one will pop up so that you can create, add or manage your tags:

How to automatically assign tags to the parallels created from a template

From the list of parallels where we were before, you will see that there is a button to select between parallels and Templates.

If you select Templates, you will see all the templates you have created or shared in your organization.

If you associate a tag to one of these templates, this tag will automatically be assigned to all parallels created from this template.

This will allow you to standardize the organization of all parallels from the same template and to easily find them without having to tag them one by one.

⚠️ Note: Please note that template tags are shared within your organization, if you change the content of a tag, you will change the tag that is assigned to all requests created from that template.

Edit tags

Once you have created your tags, you can change their text or color selecting the


Edit tags at the bottom of the list of tags. Then, a window will appear with all these options.


By default, the last tag you have created will appear. However, if you select the drop-down menu, you can search through the rest of tags of your organization to change them.

⚠️ Note: Keep in mind that tags are shared within your organization, so if you change the content of a tag it will change for all your colleagues.

Filter by tags

Once you have assigned tags to your requests, if you hover the cursor over the word Tags you will get the option to filter.

When you select the filter, a window will open with all the tags you have so you can select the ones you want to filter your list of requests by.

You can search and select the tags you want to filter by in order to find your parallel in a much quicker and easier way.

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