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How can I cancel a Parallel eSignature and resend it?
How can I cancel a Parallel eSignature and resend it?

If you found a mistake when sending a parallel to sign, don't worry! W'ell explain how to cancel an eSignature and resend it step by step.

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Sometimes a parallel is already completed, reviewed and sent for signature, but for some reason, the signing process has to be stopped.

There can be several reasons for that! Maybe you have to correct an answer, change a clause or send it to someone else to sign, for example.

Don't worry, nothing in Parallel is irreversible! You can cancel the signature and resend it by following these simple steps:

1. First, access the parallel whose signature you want to cancel. You will find it in the Petitions button in the side menu.

2. Once you have selected the parallel, you will see that you are in the Review tab. At the bottom of this tab you will find the electronic signature box. From there, select Cancel.

⚠️ Note: If you had to cancel the eSignature because you had to correct one of the parallel's replies, go to the Input tab and change the mistaken content.

If you go to the Complete tab and you see that one of the fields' answer is locked (you cannot change the reply), it is probably because the answer is already accepted in the Review tab.

To unlock it, go to the Review tab again, find the question you want to change and uncheck the ✅ icon.

You will see that you can now change the answer in the Complete tab.

⚠️ Note: If the reason you had to cancel the signature is because you had to edit the parallel, you can also do so.

From the Edit tab you can change its content, add or remove questions, etc.

If you cannot edit the content of your parallel, it is probably because the editing of this request is restricted.

3. Once the parallel is ready to be signed again by the recipient, we will launch a new process from the Review tab. In the same electronic signature box where you have canceled it, you will see a new button, the Add signature button.

4. Once you select it, the window to set up a new signing process of this petition appear. To see how to set up the eSignature, read this article.

You can then cancel the eSignature, change and edit everything you need and resend the parallel to be signed!

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