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When you complete o send a petition through Parallel you can effortlessly monitor the status of the replies and review it in a very simple way (in the platform itself).

In this article, we explain how you can review the answers and keep track of the information you have reviewed.

Go to Review tab

  1. Go to your list of petitions by clicking on Petitions.


  2. From the list of petitions, select the one whose replies you want to review. This will lead you directly to the Review tab of the petition, where you can see and monitor all the answers.

    In this tab you can find the all the answers to the different items in your petition, a table of contents to make it easier to navigate through the petitions' fields, the monitoring features for the review and download of the answers, and the possibility to establish conversations around your Parallel.

Review the answers

At Parallel we want to make it easier for you to monitor the information you work with. For this reason, we have incorporated a certain monitoring features so that you can do so easily.

You can review the answers provided by your recipients in each of the petition's fields review area:

For each of your recipients' answers, you can check whether the information they have sent you is correct using the following actions:

  • mceclip0.png

    Approve: It allows you to mark the answer as reviewed and correct.

    ⚠️ By selecting this option, you will block your the answer to this field, so that it cannot be modified or deleted. To change an approved reply, you will need to "unselect" this icon.

  • mceclip1.png

    Reject: It allows you to mark the answer as reviewed and not correct.

    Rejected answers may be amended or deleted to give a new answer.

    When you reject an answer, the comments window will automatically open so that you can discuss with your recipients the information you need.

    Rejecting an answer will automatically open the comments window so that you can specify what error there is with the answer.


You may have noticed that in the review area of each field you have the option to leave Comments by selecting the following icon:


If you select it you will see that you can:

  • Leave a comment for the recipient you have sent the petition to complete.

    Your recipient will receive an email with your comments, through which they will be able to access the petition and reply to you or finish completing the information.

  • Leave a comment for your colleagues. You can do this by selecting the Internal Comment option.

    Internal comments will only be visible to members of your organisation in Parallel. That is, the recipient will never be able to see them, they are for internal use only.

Next to the comments icon will appear, if any, the number of messages, and a purple circle in case you have unread comments.


Work through the answers you have been provided

At Parallel we also want to make your life easier when you work and that's why we have a number of features to help you do just that.

Text answers fields

In any field that contains text answers, we have included an option to make it easy for you to copy the information and paste it into another platform or into your documents. That is, with a single click on the copy icon you will have the information ready on your clipboard.

Botón de copiar.

Documents and files fields

In the fields whose answer is a file, you will be able to preview those documents that have a format compatible with your browser. To do so, you can click on this button to preview it without downloading it.

Botón de previsualizar.

Download all the replies

We have created this functionality that allows you to download all the answers in a single ZIP folder in order to improve your work performance.


By clicking this button you will download a ZIP folder with all the answers.

The text type answers will be downloaded in a single Excel file together with the questions and the description you have indicated in each field.

For the document type answers, a window will open that will allow you to choose how you want the file names to be saved in the ZIP folder you download. You can rename them in bulk, either using parameters related to the field they have been uploaded to or any fixed text you choose.


Finally, if you select the drop-down menu of the Export replies button, you can download the answers in a PDF document of the petition.


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