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Communicate with your colleagues through Notes
Communicate with your colleagues through Notes
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When you ask for information from third parties (clients, suppliers, etc.), it is common for them to have doubts when filling in your requests, or for you to have doubts when reviewing their answers.

To avoid long email chains with unclear questions and answers, Parallel offers the possibility of including comments in any of the items of a parallel.

However, sometimes you need to communicate with a colleague or leave a note of clarification to resolve a question that you do not want the customer to see. In these cases, you can use a Note.

In this article we will learn:

  • How to leave a note for a colleague in a parallel

  • How to mention other users on a Note

If you have received a Parallel and you do not know how to leave comments, you can also refer to this article.

Add notes in conversations

When you enter a sent parallel, you will see the REVIEW page. From there, you can review the information and documents uploaded by your recipient.


By clicking, you can view the conversation in that field. If you select the notes tab and type a message, it will be added to the conversation and will be visible only to you and your organization colleagues. This way, you can communicate with them or leave notes for yourself on the fields.

Once you have added notes, you can differentiate them from comments by the light yellow background and a label that says NOTE. This way, you can easily differentiate which messages in the conversation will be visible to your recipient and which ones will not.

Mention your colleagues

If several of your colleagues have access to a parallel but you have a question or comment for one of them in particular, you can address them by mentioning them.

How? By typing an "@" before their name in the Notes box. You can mention them individually or by mentioning teams.

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Please keep in mind that if you mention users who do not have access to the parallel where you are leaving the Note, you will have to share the parallel with them so that they can read it.

But don't worry, if that is the case, we will ask you if you want to share that parallel with them. At this point, you will be able to choose whether you want them to have editor or reader permissions.

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If you still don't have colleagues in your Parallel organization or don't know how to share the parallel with them, so they can see your notes, here are two articles that may be useful to you:

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