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Parallel's templates statistics allow you to monitor and obtain a status overview of the parallels crated from a template.

You can find them in the navigation menu > Reports.

⚠️ Remember, only admins can access to this page.

How to generate a templates statistics

To generate template statistics, you only have to access the Reports page that you will find in your navigation menu and select Template statistics.

Once there, select:

  1. The template from which you want to obtain the statistics, and

  2. The time framework for which you want to get the statistics.

Click Generate.

And that's it! You have your reports generated. Now let's see what each metric means.


Once generated the tempalte statistics, you will get a series of data and graphs, let's see what each one means.

1. Started parallels: This value represents the number of parallels started from that template. That is, all those parallels created in which at least one field answered or sent to a recipient.

2. Average duration: The average duration is divided into two times.

  • The first is the average elapsed time for parallels from start (⏱) to completion (✅).

  • The second is the average elapsed time for parallels from completed (✅) to closed (✅✅).

The sum of these digits is the total average duration of the parallels.

3. Status of the parallels: This donut chart, represent the number of parallel in each state at the time the report was generated.

4. Completed eSignatures: This is the unique value of signature processes completed on parallels. If several signatures have been completed on a parallel, this metric will count only the last one. One parallel = One completed eSignature.

5. Average signing time: This value is the average time it takes for a signature process to be completed. Represents the time elapsed from the moment it is sent until the last person has signed the document.

  • The bar chart, represents the percentage of time this has taken for the process from completed to closed.


On the right side of the screen, you will find a button to get the replies of that template. This action will download an Excel file with the replies obtained in each of the parallels created from that template.

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