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Download the parallel with its signatures
Download the parallel with its signatures

Learn how to download a parallel as a PDF with its signatures on it.

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Sometimes when requesting information we need the final document to be signed. For example, a checklist with customer information to be signed or a contract between two parties in which all information has already been included with Parallel.

In any case, in Parallel you can do it by enabling the eSignature in a template or parallel.

💡 Integration with electronic signature is only available under request.

If you are interested in this feature, please contact our sales department.

Once a parallel has been signed, all the signatories receive a signed copy in PDF by mail. However, if you need to download the signed document again you can also do it.

To do so, first select the parallel whose signed document you want to download from the list of parallels.

Once you are in the parallel, at the bottom of the parallel, in the Review tab you will find the signature box.

If the document is signed by all parties, you will see the Download button.

If you click it, you will download the signed PDF of the parallel.

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