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Show or hide your template's fields in your petitions and documents
Show or hide your template's fields in your petitions and documents

For each field in your template you can choose if you want it to be an internal field and/or if you want it to appear in the final PDF.

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At Parallel we know that your processes can be very complex. Not only do you have to ask your clients for information to do your job, but there are often steps that need to be completed internally.

In this article, we will show you how to set up these internal fields and how they work.

In addition, you don't always want all of the information you ask for, both internally and from your clients, to show up in the PDF document you generate.

In fact, one of the advantages of references with Parallel is that you can incorporate the answers from a petition into a text automatically. If you also hide the question, only the full text will appear in the PDF document.

We will also show you how you can choose which template fields will be displayed in your final PDF document in this article.

Let's see it all!

  • Internal fields

  • Show in PDF

¿Where can I find these features?

When you edit or create a template, you can find the Internal Field and Show in PDF features in the Field Settings of any field in a template.

To open the Field Settings just go to the gear wheel icon in the bottom right corner of any field.

In the Field Settings window you will see the Internal Field and Show in PDF features.

You will see that, by default, when you add a new field, the Internal Field feature is disabled ❌ and the Show in PDF feature is enabled ✅.

Internal field

An Internal field is a field that will only be visible to the Parallel user, i.e. the members of your organization.

So, by enabling this feature you will hide this field from the recipient. It won't be visible in your client's portal.

⚠️ Note: When you enable this feature, you will see that the Show in PDF feature will be automatically deactivated.

This is set like this by default, because we believe that if there is a field that you want to hide firm your clients in the form, in general, you won't want them to see it in the PDF document that is generated afterwards.

However, you can change it and play with different combinations between these two features.

¿How can you use it? This type of feature allows, for example:

  • To answer certain questions before sending a petition to a client in order to predefine which questions should they answer. This is possible if you combine internal fields with conditions.

  • To fill in internal information in relation to a process (e.g. contract number, deal code in your CRM, person responsible for the client, risk report from another department in your company, etc.).

Show in PDF

This feature allows you to choose if you want to show or hide a certain field in the exported PDF document resulting from your petition.

¿How can you use it? This type of feature allows, for example:

  • To hide the questions that need to be answered in order to set up the contract automatically and send it to sign. You can do this by combining this feature with Parallel references.

  • To hide the Documents and Files field in your PDF document. This field is usually displayed in the PDF document like this:

However, if you combine the Show in PDF feature with the Attach files to PDF you will be able to hide this field in the PDF and, at the same time attach the PDF uploaded to this field to the resulting document.

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