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Add calculations in your templates
Add calculations in your templates

In this article, we'll show you how to add operations to obtain certain value based on responses in your parallels.

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Calculations allow you to perform operations within a parallel, based on chosen responses.

⚠️ Before you set up your calculations, you'll need at least one variable created. If you're not sure what a variable is or how to create it, we recommend reading this article first 📖

Understanding calculations

Calculations consist of two elements: condition and action.

In other words, a calculation = condition + action.

Note that here we have already added a Variable: "Risk".

How to Add a Calculation

Like visibility conditions, calculations are added to a field. Whether you're editing or creating templates, the process is as follows:

1️⃣ First, choose the field where you want to add the calculation. Normally, this will be the field that starts the condition part of the calculation.

2️⃣ Select the button to add a calculation at the bottom right of the field.

3️⃣ A window will open where you can set up your calculations.

  • Condition: This defines the reply that needs to be chosen or situation that needs to occur for the calculation to be performed. You can add as many conditions as you need, but keep in mind they should always be related to fields prior to the selected one.

  • Action: This defines the calculation that will be performed when conditions are met. Actions can be performed using replies to other number fields, other variables, or a fixed number. You will also have to choose the variable this calculation affects. You can add as many actions as needed.

  • Add more calculations if you need to perform an operation (an action) that depends on a different reply (with a different condition).

For example,

  • When the response to Field 1 is Yes, then add 1 to the "risk" variable

  • and

  • When the response to Field 1 is No, then subtract 1 from the "risk" variable.

In this case, as the conditions are different, you would need to add another calculation.

How can I check the result of the calculations I add?

To check the result of the calculations you add in a template you have different options:

  • Using the variable's reference, you can see the result of your calculations in any field of your template. Here we explain how.

  • Once you create a parallel from the template, you will see the variable's value (result of the calculations on that variable) in the REVIEW tab. Here we explain how.

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