How to deactivate a user

To remove a user's access to your Parallel organization, keep reading.

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In Parallel it is very easy to remove a user's access to your organization.

⚠️ But please note that this can only be done by users with the administrator role.

To do this, go to your Personal Menu > Organization > Users.

Then, select the user and click on deactivate user:

When selecting this option, we will ask you to which other user in your organization you want to transfer this user's parallels to.

Select the chosen user that will take over this user's parallels.

  • You can include the deactivated user parallel drafts.

  • You can include a tag to all transferred parallels to find them easily.

Note that all parallels and templates owned by the deactivated user will be transferred to the user of your choice. As for the parallels he/she had access to because someone else had shared them with him/her (i.e. he/she did not own them), he/she will simply be denied access to them.

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