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Work with your colleagues in Parallel
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In the work environment we collaborate with our colleagues most of the time, sharing tasks in order to complete a common goal, accelerate workflows and conclude processes.

At Parallel we have taken into account from the very beginning the need to collaborate.

For this reason, there are a number of features that facilitate collaboration within Parallel, so that you can complete and review your processes faster and better.

  • Starting point: If you don't use these features, you will only see the templates and parallels you create, without having access to what other users create in your organization (principal of minimum access, too keep your clients' information and processes safe).

  • Thanks to the collaboration features, you will be able to work with the colleagues of your choice without having to share your account, thus guaranteeing the security of the information and the confidentiality of your processes.

Create teams in Parallel

First, start by creating teams within Parallel. Once you have created all the users of your organization, you can make organize them in different teams. E.g. legal team, operations etc.

ℹ️ Only Admins can invite new users and create teams (unless you have customized user permissions in your organization).

Share your templates

Once you have created several templates, share them with your colleagues or teams so they can also use them. Find out how in this article.

Share your parallels

On the other hand, in specific cases, you may want to share an ongoing process with a colleague or supervisor so that they are aware of its status and can help you manage it.

In these cases, you can share such parallels with specific people or teams. We explain it step-by-step here.

Automatically assign parallels from a template

Instead of sharing parallels individually, you can also set, by default, who will have access to all the parallels created from a template.

This way, every time someone uses that template, it will automatically be shared with whoever you say. Here's how to set it up.

Share comments (notes) with your colleagues

Once you have shared parallels with other members of your organization, you can use internal comments (notes).

These comments can only be seen by your colleagues who have access to your parallels and can resolve any questions you may have when completing or reviewing any process. Start exchanging comments with your colleagues like this.

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