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How to set up reminders to be sent automatically
How to set up reminders to be sent automatically

Forget about chasing your customers and let Parallel take care of it with automatic reminders.

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As we mentioned in this article, usually, your client does not have all the information you have requested when you ask them for it, or they make a mistake when uploading specific data.

This means that you have to chase them to get all the information you need to work. That's why Parallel has reminders.

In addition, to completely forget about chasing your customers, in Parallel, you can let Parallel schedule your processes so that reminders are automatically sent. Thus, you can focus on other tasks.

Scheduled reminders will stop automatically as soon as the recipient has completed the parallel.

How? By activating automatic reminders.

You can activate automatic reminders

  • in the template or

  • in the parallel

Enabling automatic reminders in a template

When you activate automatic reminders in a template, all the parallels created from this template will have automatic reminders activated as set up in this template.

To set up these reminders, when you create or edit a template, you will need to access the Settings section.

Add the feature called Automatic reminders.

When you have clicked the Add button, a window like the one below will open, in which you must set up the reminders:

  • Frequency: Set every how many days a reminder will be sent.

  • Time: Set the time when the reminders will be sent.

  • Limit: Include the number of reminders that you want to be sent.

  • ...only Monday to Friday: If this box is checked, reminders will only be sent on weekdays, not weekends.

When you click on the Apply changes button, the window will close and the function will appear as follows:

You can edit the automatic reminder settings at the template level at any time by selecting the Edit settings button.

⚠️ Note: Changes you make to the automatic reminders settings will affect all parallels created from this point onwards with this template.

Enabling automatic reminders in a parallel

If you want to enable automatic reminders for a specific parallel, select the parallel you want to set reminders for.

Go to the Activity tab.

In this tab, you will see the recipients of the parallel, and next to each of them, three icons.

The icon in the middle is the button from which you can activate automatic reminders in a parallel.

If you select it, you will be presented with a window like the one we saw in the automatic reminder settings in a template.

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