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How to send a reminder manually
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As we explained in this article about reminders, in Parallel you can send reminders to your clients in order to obtain the information you have requested and that you need to start working.

If, instead of scheduling certain reminders to be sent automatically and periodically, you simply want to send a reminder whenever you want, in this article we tell you how you can do it!

And with just a couple of clicks, let's see!

Where and how can I send reminders?

First of all, in the list of parallels, select the parallel of the customer to whom you want to send a reminder.

Once you are inside this request, go to the Activity tab.

There, you will see a list of the recipients of your parallel.

⚠️ Remember that the recipients of your parallel can be different to the signers (if you have the electronic signature enabled in your account). Only the people to whom you have sent the parallel for completion will appear here. If it is a parallel that you have completed yourself and only sent to sign, this box will be empty. In this case you may want to read this article on how to send signature reminders.

Note that three icons appear to the right of each recipient. To send a single "manual" reminder, select the first icon, called Send reminder.

Once the icon is selected, a screen will appear to send the reminder and costumize the message for the recipient.

When you click Yes, send Parallel will automatically send the reminder to the recipient.

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