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To send your parallels, you must first create a list of contacts.

For this purpose, you have two options:

Import contacts

If you need to save many contacts in order to, for example, mass mail parallels, and you don't want to add them manually one by one, we recommend you to use Parallel's feature to import contacts. Here's how.

To import contacts, go to Parallel's contacts section in the side menu and select Contacts. Next, select Import contacts at the top right of your contact list.


The following window will open:


In this window, you can upload a .xlsx (Excel) file with your contacts' details in a table which follows this column format: Name, Last Name and Email.

If the file does not meet these requirements, an error message will appear when you try to upload it.

At the bottom of the window, you can download an Excel template to load new contacts, which looks like this:


When you upload an Excel file with your full contact details, those contacts will automatically be imported to your Parallel's contact list.

Please note that, if a contact already exists, the contact will not be duplicated. The email address will be maintained, however the Name and Last Name fields will be updated.

If you notice any errors when going through your contacts, you can always edit them by following these steps.

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