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How to send a parallel to multiple recipients
How to send a parallel to multiple recipients
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If you have ever had to ask many people for the same information, but you needed to personalize the messages for each of them, you know how tedious it is to do that.

For this reason, at Parallel, we help you request information from many people in a simple, personalized way and in a single mailing. Here's how you can do it.

Ways to send a parallel to multiple recipients

There are two ways to send a request to multiple recipients:

  • Send a single parallel to all recipients: If you send the request by entering all the recipients' emails on the same line, a single request will be sent to them for all to complete it collaboratively.

  • Create different groups of recipients: If you create different groups, you will send requests to each of them independently.

Here's how to send a collaborative request or independent requests to your recipients.

Add recipient groups

There are two ways to create recipient groups, either by adding the emails one by one, manually, or by copying and pasting from a list of recipients.

1. Add recipients manually

If you decide to create groups manually, create your parallel and click on


in the top right corner of your Parallel.

Then, the window to send the request will open. Add one or more emails in the recipients section (depending on the number of people needing to complete the parallel). Likewise, click


Add recipient group if you want another person or group of people completing the same parallel independently.


In the end, you should create as many groups as requests you want to send, whether they are single or multi-recipient requests.


2. Copy and paste a list of recipients

The other option for sending bulk requests is to copy all the email addresses you want to send the parallel to and paste them into the same recipients' section.

To do this, first you need to have all the recipients to whom you want to send the parallel as contacts in your Parallel's contact list. If they are not your contacts yet, you can also import the contacts in bulk.

Then, you can send the request to all the recipients you want by simply copying the email addresses from the list you have created with them and pasting them into the Recipients section.

Note: If you have imported the contacts in bulk, we recommend that you reuse the Excel file and copy the email addresses from there.

When pasting the emails, the following message will appear:


Option 1: Add to separate groups

If you select the option Add to separate groups and click Continue, all recipients will appear separately.


Write the subject and message of the email, whether it is a generic or a personalized one, and click Send



Once you have sent the request to all the recipients, a different parallel will appear in your list of parallels for each group of recipients.

Note: We recommend that you do not send more than 50 parallels at a time.

Option 2: All in the same parallel

You can also choose All in the same parallel option to send the same request to all recipients for them to complete collaboratively.



Sometimes we need information from several departments of the same company or from different people. In these cases, we have to ask for the data separately or wait for a person in the organization to collect the information from all the departments and send it to us. This situation usually implies long email reply chains with several attachments.

Now, Parallel has created the possibility of sending a single parallel to several people, so that each of them answers the questions they have to answer, and together they complete the parallel with all the data you need.

Thus, by sending a single parallel, you will get all the information you need from different people at the same time.

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