Edit or delete a contact
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If you realize that you have made a mistake any of your contact details or you need to delete one of them, don't worry, you can do it easily.

Go to Contacts in Parallel's side menu and select the contact you want to edit.


A page with the contact's details will be displayed.

  1. If you want to change any of your contact's properties, click Edit in the bottom right corner of your contact's information card.

2. If you need to delete a contact, click the bin icon in the up right corner of your contact's information card.

Below your contact's information card, you will also have a detailed description of the parallel you have sent to such contact and their status.

⚠️ Note: At the moment you can't edit your contact's emails. In case you have entered the wrong email address, simply indicate in the contact name that it is the wrong contact and create a new one.

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