What are public templates?
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Public templates are those templates created by Parallel users who have decided to share them with the rest of the users so that anyone can use them.

How do they work?

You can find the public templates by accessing the New Petitions menu:


Once there, select the Public Templates tab and you will access to all current public templates.


If you are interested in customizing a public template, you can choose the “Save to edit” when selecting a public template. Once saved, it will appear in My Templates tab.

If you want to use it directly without saving it, you can do so by selecting the template and selecting Create petition.

Can I create public templates?

To contribute with a public template, you can create a normal template and contact the support team telling them that you want to publish one of your templates to share it with the entire Parallel community. We will contact you and take care of the rest.

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