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What are public links, and how do they work?
What are public links, and how do they work?

In this article we explain how to share links to templates can and how to activate them.

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As you know, Parallel allows you to request information you need from a third party. But what if you need them to be the ones to access the form and complete the information so you can get started?

For these situations, we have created public links. A setting in your templates that allows you to generate a link that you can upload to your website or share wherever you want, allowing your customers to start the parallels when and how they want.

What are public links?

They are links that generate access to your templates that you can place on your website or send by mail, WhatsApp, chat, etc., so that your customers can initiate a parallel on their initiative, without the need for you or someone from your organization to send it to them.

In other words, you create a link associated with a template, and every time one of your customers or users opens the link, a new parallel will be created so that they can respond with the information you need. These parallels will be assigned by default to the owner of the template. To change this setting, you can modify it from the "Automatically assign" setting, which allows you to choose who you want to be the owner of the parallels created through that template.

How to generate a link?

To use a public link, you must either create a new template or access the template in which you want to activate this option.

Once inside the template page, by opening the Settings tab on the right, you just have to activate the Share by link option.

Once activated, a new window will open in which you must indicate:

  1. Title of the page: Complete with the name of the template or the title you want users to see in the parallel when they create it.

  2. Description: Explain in detail what the service consists of or what type of information you are going to request in that template and why.

  3. Link: Customize the public link of the template to make it simpler and more recognizable, both for your customers and for the people in your organization. This will help you to be clearer about which template a link comes from.

Once the fields are completed, select Generate link.

When the link is generated it will be automatically copied to your clipboard, but if you want to access it again you can find it in the Settings tab, so you can copy and paste it wherever you want.

You will can access here whenever you want to copy it, but you will also be able to copy it quickly when you select your template.

What happens to the parallels created from the link?

Once your customer access to the link and starts a parallel, a new proccess will be created in your parallels list. These parallels, will be assigned by default to the owner of the template's link.

If you want to change this assignment, you can do it through "Assign automatically", that you can find in the Setting tab.

Can I edit the link configuration once it has been created?

Yes, just go back to your template Settings and open the link settings.

If you have any doubts about how to modify the settings of the public link once it has been created, take a look at our video:

What will the person accessing the link see?

When you access the public link you have created, the following screen will be displayed:

The information on the left are the Title of the page and Description fields that you have filled in when creating the public link and the fields on the right are the ones that the recipient must fill in to create a new parallel in their email.

One they select parallel Access, the will receibe an email through which they can begin to complete the parallel.

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