How to share templates

Learn how to share your templates with your team

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Sharing templates with your team helps you standardize processes in your organization.

You can share the templates in several ways:

When creating or editing a template

When you are creating or editing a template, you can share it with your team by selecting the More options button that you will find on the upper right side of the application.

Select the Share template option to share the template with your team.

When adding users, you can specify the permission you want to share with (Editor or Reader) and include a message so that they know why you share the parallel.

If you do not find a user, it's probably because they still need an account in Parallel. This article shows you how to invite users to your organization.

Sharing permissions

  • Editor: Editors can edit the template and share it with other editors. Use this permission if you want other users to help you create the template.

  • Reader: Readers can only view the template and use it to create parallels without modifying its content.

Note: Readers cannot edit the template. However, by creating a parallel, they will own it and can modify it. If you want to prevent the template from being edited, you can restrict the template from editing.

From My templates

To view and manage all your templates, you have two options:

  • Click on New parallel (+), and you will see all your organization's templates.

  • From the template table, where you can view and manage your templates.

My templates

When you access the My templates section, you'll see all the templates you have created, or those other users have shared with you.

To share one of the templates, select one of them and, on the window that opens, select the More options button, and in the drop-down menu, select the Share template option.

From here, follow the steps that we have explained above.

My Templates table

On the parallels page, you can access your templates in that same table by changing the view in the drop-down in the page title.

You can select all the templates and share them all at once.

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