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Restrict a template from being edited
Restrict a template from being edited

Learn how to restrict a template from being edited to ensure that all the parallel are launched following your processes

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When you share a template, all those who have access can edit it by default. However, sometimes you do not want others to edit it to ensure that everyone follows the process established in your organization.

To avoid other users from editing a parallel, you can restrict editing a template.

Activate the restriction to edit a template

When you create or edit a template, within the Edit screen, access the Settings tab and select the Restrict editing option.

When activating the option, a window to set a password will open. If you protect the template with a password, others will not be able to unlock it unless you share the password with them. If you leave it empty, anyone will be able to unlock it without any password.


⚠️ If you lose the password, you will not be able to restore it. If you forgot the password, contact our support team.

Note: All parallels created from that template will automatically be restricted with the same password used to restrict it.

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