Share a parallel by link

We teach you how you can share a parallel through a link and how your contacts will see it.

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A parallel is a form that helps you collect information or generate documents. When you need someone to fill out a form, you can send it directly to them, so they receive the link by email.

But what if you don't have their email? Or is your communication channel with them through WhatsApp, Slack, or any other platform other than email?

In that case, you can share the parallel with them using a link 📎✨."

How to share a parallel by link

To share a form via a link, first, create the form from a template.

If you have fields or information you want to pre-fill, do so and then click "Send to...".

In the send window, click "Share by link" at the bottom left. This generates a unique link you can copy and send to your recipient.

Note: Each link is for single use only. If you need multiple people to access the form, create additional links.

Managing access:

To manage existing links, go to the ACTIVITY tab. From there, you can view pending access and copy or remove the link as needed.

How your recipient will view the parallel:

Cuando tu contacto entre en el enlace verá una pantalla como la siguiente, que puedes personalizar con tus colores y logo.

When your contact clicks the link, they'll see a screen you can customize with your colors and logo. They just need to provide their name and email so that we can verify their identity, and they will be taken directly to the portal to complete the information.

Differences between the public template link and form link:

Now that you know how to share a parallel by link, you may wonder, what is the difference with the public or template link? When do I use one or the other? We will tell you:

  1. The public template link is a unique link and can be used multiple times. For example, you could post it on your website for anyone to access and fill out the parallel.

  2. The parallel link, however, is for single use only. Once someone accesses the form via the link, others won't be able to use it. For example, you can answer in a parallel if it is a natural or legal person to activate the conditions and share the link to that contact to fill in the remaining information.

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