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How to restrict the edition of a template
How to restrict the edition of a template
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Being able to share the templates you create with other colleagues so that they can use them is useful, but sometimes you don't want them to modify any fields.

The template editing restriction feature does just that, so you can share your templates with the security that no one can modify them.

How do I activate it?

When creating or editing a template, go to the Settings section.


In Settings, activate the Restrict editing feature.


When you do so, the following window will open:


If you want, you can add a password, this will allow you to share it with the people you want to be able to edit your template.

This way, you can share the template with your whole team, but limit the people who can edit it.

⚠️ Please note that the password you enter cannot be retrieved. We recommend that you write it down somewhere or use a password that you know you will not forget.

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