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In the work environment, we often collaborate with our colleagues, sharing tasks to complete a common goal, accelerate workflows and conclude processes.

At Parallel, we have considered the need to collaborate from the very beginning. For this reason, you can share your parallel with the colleagues of your choice without having to share your account, thus guaranteeing the security of the information and the confidentiality of your processes.

Here you will find:

Where to share a parallel

From Home page

1️⃣ The first thing to do is to access your Parallel account. You will appear on the Parallel main screen by default (HOME), where you can see the list of all the parallels you have created or that someone has shared with you.

2️⃣ Find the parallel whose answers you want to review.

3️⃣ From the table, you can select the parallel and click on share.

📌 This option allows you to select several parallels to share simultaneously.

From a parallel

If you are within a particular parallel and want to share it, you will find the Share button on the Review page at the top right.


How to share a parallel

A window will pop up when you select the Share button, either from the parallels table or within a parallel.

Once here, enter the name or professional email address of the user in your organization with whom you want to share the parallel. You can add as many users as necessary.

When adding users, you can specify the permission you want to share with (Editor or Reader) and include a message so that they know why you share the parallel.

Sharing permissions

  • Editor: With the editor's permission, the user can submit the parallel, add answers, review them, or edit the parallel (if the parallel does not have restricted editing). You can use this permission if you want your colleague to help you with that process.

  • Reader: With the reader's permission, the user can only see the contents of the parallel and leave internal notes. You can use this permission if you want the user to be able to follow the progress without changing the parallel.

Other settings

  • If you disable the Notify users option, your colleagues will see the parallel in their list, but they will not receive any notification.

  • Once you have shared the parallel with your colleagues, they will be subscribed to notifications of the recipients' events and internal comments sent by default. However, if you want something else, you can easily unsubscribe from them.

Remove access to a Parallel

In the window that pops up when you select to share a parallel, you'll see that there is a Role associated to each user/ team with access to that parallel.

If you select the dropdown menu you can change permissions and ❌ remove a user's access to a parallel.

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